CIL 019: Goth Treats

Do you like saying goodbye at parties? What does black ice cream taste like? What is cheese? We answer all these questions, plus hear from Lady Venom and her thought process behind her femme-friendly remix of The Ying Yang Twins' "Wait (The Whisper Song)."

Featured tracks

Vince Staples - Ghost
The Black Madonna - He Is The Voice I Hear
Lady Venom - Wait (Femme Edit) Youtube link

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CIL 018: Ask a Teen!

Hey fam here's an oldie but a goodie from last year.

"We introduce a new segment: Ask a Teen! We were tired of wondering aloud about how life is different as a teen in 2016, so we decided to ask a real live teenager! Writer Maya-Roisin joins us on the podcast and she's very qualified to be speaking about culture and is probably smarter than us. Enjoy!"


What's it like to be young and slime famous? Why are Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beefin? Isn't Princess Nokia the best? All this, plus Sol checks in on the Kardashians, on the Can I Live Podcast!

Featured tracks 

Herbie Hancock - Rockin It
Biz Markie - Pickin Boogers
Brodinski - Slime
Salva - Old English
Nas - Ether
Nicki Minaj -No Frauds
Roxanne Shante - Roxanne's Revenge
Remy Ma - Shether
Salt N Pepa - None of Your Business
Princess Nokia - Tom Boy

CIL 016: Podcast From a Shark's Mouth (w/ DJ Angry Pineapple)

Friend of the podcast DJ Angry Pineapple joins us all the way from merry old England, innit. We chat about the Funky Drummer break, Erykah Badu's greatness, and the first instalment of our newest segment, "Wutcha Reeeadin?"

Featured tracks:
Think (About It) - Lyn Collins
It Takes Two - Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock
I Am Stretched On Your Grave - Sinead O'Connor
Window Seat - Erykah Badu
Paigon- Palmistry
Pumpkin - Tricky

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CIL 015: The Kazaam/Shazam Paradox (w/ Alex Smith)

Are we in a computer simulation? Is lucid dreaming wack? Did Sir Prancelot just time slip into a parallel dimension? In this episode CAN I LIVE are joined by Alex Smith (@alexkillingtime), one half of dynamic DJ duo Killing Time, to illuminate the mysteries of existence. Sort of.

Featured tracks:
Winona - DJ Boring
Beatles Bitch - MONO/POLY
6 Donnies - Yung Internet