Bernie Lomax presents Rari Techno

Rari Techno

Bernie made a prestige mix for when you're driving your proverbial Rari. Leftfield house, lo-fi, and techno for a complete vibe aura.

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Fit of Body - 56k

Mall Grab - B.F.O.D.A.A.S.

Dwell - Follow the Rabbit

Steven B.C. - Dazed & Confused

Evil Fred - Back Out

Isaac Tichauer - Street Lessons (Hackman Remix)

Fort Romeau - Say Something

Ishi Vu - Tema per Malva

Loïcc - Get Myself To It

Ejeca - Bound to the Pump

Shanti Celeste - Dolphin Chant

Garrett David - Seashell

DJ Swagger - Aqua

Luca Lozano - No Team in Lozano

Palms Trax - Paws

Move D - To the Disco 77

Sol Sallee

Soltron Creative, 511 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V5Z 4R2